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About blackfriary

The Irish Archaeology Field School (IAFS) is Ireland’s leading provider of university accredited, site based archaeological research and training. The Blackfriary research project is part of a community archaeology project, based in Trim, Co. Meath. Blackfriary is a 13th century Dominican abbey site; the archaeology includes the buried remains of the medieval abbey and graveyard. Students that participate in the excavation experience and practice all aspects of archaeological excavation processes, learning from experts and leaders in their field, and contribute to an established archaeological research project. IAFS have been excavating at Blackfriary since 2010; students participating have come from all over the works including the Australia, Canada, Europe and the USA.

New web site

We have just published our brand new website!!! The blog has been incorporated into the new site, and we will eventually be decommissioning this site altogether. All information formerly available on this site is now on the new website – … Continue reading

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Blackfriary from the air!

Fantastic aerial photos forwarded to us by a friend who took a hot air balloon ride over Trim this summer 🙂 Blackfriary is located in the mid-ground above. This view shows the site in context, surrounded by the urban environment … Continue reading

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A little help from our friends

The business of shutting down a site takes a bit of organisation. There are plans to finish, finds to bag, registers and feature sheets to check, and lots of equipment to pack up and move off site. Then there are … Continue reading

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Boney bone bone: More bone goodness in the 2012 excavation season!

Granted, I might be a bit biased.  I can think of a colleague or two who would counter my “BONE!” proclamation with a, “STONE!” or even, “CORNER!”  I never thought I would say I was grateful for the closing of … Continue reading

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Glass and stone

Excavation As always seems to be the case, in our last week of the school excavations we have made some of the most exciting discoveries of the season! At the start of August, we had decided to wind down excavations … Continue reading

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Supervisor Diary

July was a busy month, particularly for our student supervisors as we took a two-week break from teaching and used the time to catch up on paperwork and to make some progress in areas where we are keen to answer … Continue reading

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Open Day July 2012

Sunday the 22nd of July saw the community open day for Season 3 of the Blackfriary Community Archaeology Project. The day ran from 2 to 5pm, with tours of the site every hour. Luckily the rain held off and members … Continue reading

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