A little help from our friends

The business of shutting down a site takes a bit of organisation. There are plans to finish, finds to bag, registers and feature sheets to check, and lots of equipment to pack up and move off site.

Then there are cuttings to back-fill. This year we have exposed quite a lot of structural features and in order to protect these from the backfilled spoil, we will be covering them with a protective and permeable membrane, and then providing a little cushioning. The cushioning will comprise polystyrene filled sacks. Using recycled polystyrene and rubble sacks, students from Transition Year in Scoil Mhuire, Trim, gave up their time (and sewing skills!) to help us with the task of assembling these ‘cushions’.

The backfilling will be started by hand, and finished off with the assistance from a machine and the good folks in Trim Town Council.


About Irish Archaeology Field School

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