Prizes for Postgraduate Research – not just for archaeology!

€2,000 in Prizes for Postgraduate Research – not just for archaeology!

We thought it timely to refresh this post – this is a prize fund open to all students who have undertaken a research project on a Meath culture/heritage related subject…there is no deadline on this at the moment so if you have undertaken research and can submit your work in the required format (journal articles) you could be in line for some prize money (and get published)!

The Meath Archaeological and Historical Society (MAHS) and Meath County Council Heritage Forum offer four prizes of €500 each for postgraduate research in any discipline, commencing in or after September 2011, devoted wholly or in significant part to any aspect of the heritage of the Meath-Westmeath region (archaeology, history, literature, etc.). This is open to all students who have carried out undergraduate or post-graduate research.

Entries should be submitted in the form of one or more articles for publication the MAHS journal (Ríocht na Midhe) and each entry must be vouched for by the writer’s Supervisor of Research.

Entries and further information requests should be directed to Séamus Mac Gabhann, Editor, Ríocht na Midhe. Email: (


About Irish Archaeology Field School

The Irish Archaeology Field School (IAFS) is Ireland’s leading provider of university accredited, site based archaeological research and training. Our archaeological and heritage programs include research projects in a number of locations in Ireland, including in Co. Wexford and Co. Offaly (with satellite schools frequently undertaken elsewhere). We provide credited and uncredited programs (and internships) for novice and experienced students, and also specialise in the preparation of purpose-built faculty led programs incorporating excavation, historical research, remote sensing, non-invasive survey, ground investigation, landscape assessment etc. Whilst our programs are excavation-centered and aimed primarily at students of archaeology, anthropology and history, courses are open to all, and are guaranteed to give you an enriching and thoroughly worthwhile study abroad adventure.
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