Skeletons in the Cloister

Week 4 and we have been excavating the skeletal remains of a juvenile, buried at the north end of Cutting 3 in the area of the Cloister – see image below. There will be a detailed post to follow…

In the mean time, to put the find in context, we have uploaded a report on archaeological monitoring and excavations carried out in Blackfriary in 2008 & 2009, as part of the Trim Street Regeneration Scheme (TSRP), a town-wide project replacing and upgrading of services. This work was carried out by the commercial division of the field school, CRDS Ltd. Excavations were led by archaeological director, Matthew Seaver. Our Osteoarchaeologist, Ciara Travers, was also involved in this earlier project.

The report details the results of excavations in the graveyard associated with the Blackfriary abbey, located to the SW of Cutting 3. Enjoy. 850 TSRP Prelim report MC C150_E2398 CRDS 0903; 850 TSRP Prelim report MC C150_E2398 Fig.3a; 850 TSRP Prelim report MC C150_E2398 Fig.3b-4; 50 TSRP Prelim report MC C150_E2398 Fig.5; 50 TSRP Prelim report MC C150_E2398 Fig.6-7; 50 TSRP Prelim report MC C150_E2398 Fig.8-9


About blackfriary

The Irish Archaeology Field School (IAFS) is Ireland’s leading provider of university accredited, site based archaeological research and training. The Blackfriary research project is part of a community archaeology project, based in Trim, Co. Meath. Blackfriary is a 13th century Dominican abbey site; the archaeology includes the buried remains of the medieval abbey and graveyard. Students that participate in the excavation experience and practice all aspects of archaeological excavation processes, learning from experts and leaders in their field, and contribute to an established archaeological research project. IAFS have been excavating at Blackfriary since 2010; students participating have come from all over the works including the Australia, Canada, Europe and the USA.
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