2010 Field School – Black Friary Day 2 (9-Jun-10)


Aerial view of the Black Friary Site

Aerial view of the Black Friary Site


The day dawned wet and misty again!  Back to our usual Irish summer weather after the glorious sunshine of recent days. A third student (Laura Corrway of UCD), this time from Dundalk as opposed to across the Atlantic, arrived this morning so we gathered to assess the progress of the grass cutting. A tractor was busy mowing the long grass, its progress hampered by the lumpy bumpy nature of the site, but happily revealing slowly the outline of long forgotten buildings.

Ian carried on with his surveying and we decamped to the library in the town where I set the students the task of familiarising themselves with history of Trim, cross-referencing that information with recently published excavations and coming up with a chronology for activity in the town.

Meanwhile I went back to Mary’s house to pick up a fourth student, Melissa Clarke, just off the plane from Ohio!

Back to site to give her a briefing, and on to meet the others as they set off on a walking tour of the town walls, and the sites of certain significant excavations.

Meanwhile, the mower kept mowing and Ian set out part of the grid. Tomorrow we will visit St. Patrick’s, where a survey is taking place, and then on to Bective and Tara for our field trip.


About Irish Archaeology Field School

The Irish Archaeology Field School (IAFS) is Ireland’s leading provider of university accredited, site based archaeological research and training. Our archaeological and heritage programs include research projects in a number of locations in Ireland, including in Co. Wexford and Co. Offaly (with satellite schools frequently undertaken elsewhere). We provide credited and uncredited programs (and internships) for novice and experienced students, and also specialise in the preparation of purpose-built faculty led programs incorporating excavation, historical research, remote sensing, non-invasive survey, ground investigation, landscape assessment etc. Whilst our programs are excavation-centered and aimed primarily at students of archaeology, anthropology and history, courses are open to all, and are guaranteed to give you an enriching and thoroughly worthwhile study abroad adventure.
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